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passion of the grover 1 by NotEricMrock passion of the grover 1 by NotEricMrock
Some pages i did for Joe Kubert himself in my 3rd year of the kubertschool...
someone had to make the crucifixion fun again...why not me.
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Robotess Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
i'm not 100 % sure what is going on...but i'm dead set on loving it.......that second panel is hilarious!
ilovegravy Featured By Owner May 1, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Wowee, for Joe Kubert himself huh? :O That's really cool!! What'd he have to say about it? :D

And oh man, TELLY!! This is very sad. :cries:

NotEricMrock Featured By Owner May 4, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Joe...well this project was late, cause i couldnt figure out HOW to do the crucifiction (note im not even sure how to SPELL it let alone draw it), like, what was my angle cause everyone else had some gimmick, or at least some pretty big ideas, so i kinda went the other direction, and instead of going for an epic i went for something epicly weird, and i always wanted an excuse to draw teeny little super guy! but needless to say he was giving everybody tips on how to make it better over the classes we had with him while they were working on it and i was sweating it out thinking up angles so i never had any prelims to show him, so when the time came to put them up for a critique he had no idea what was coming and got a good chuckle out of it, i think i was the only one to ever do the muppets. he always does the crucifixion story every year for his class. I think he liked it though, i wasnt as worried about this as much as i was with the "yossel" parody cover i turned into "yahtzee", yossel is his big holocaust survivor book and he was very proud of it, and i had to do a parody cover for humor class, and couldnt resist adding a few dice to what he did. I ran it by his son first to make sure joe might not punch my eyes out my sack after seeing it, but after his reassurance i finally showed joe, and got another laugh, resulting in my relief in knowing my eyes and sack were safe for another day...damn i typed allot...I'm not really that self centered...enough about me, what about you? Do you have a favorite muppet? Or favorite religious persecution for that matter?
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
hahah wow, that was some story!! :D I'm glad to hear that Joe liked it AND the Yahtzee/Yossel cover :lmao: That's great that he has a sense of humor even about stuff like that! Always a refreshing thing to hear about any artist! (then again, you were just poking fun, not being offensive, so I would hope that he did indeed get a laugh and not assault you eyes and/or sack! :slow:)

No problemo about writing so much, I ramble on and on and on forever, so I can totally understand. ^^;:blahblah:

Hmm, I'm not sure if I have a favorite muppet! :O I know I love the muppets as a whole, and I LOVE(D) the Muppet Babies!! :love: Hmm, lemme consult the Wikipedia list o' characters to seeeee if i can pick out some! okay, here are some of my favorites! Statler and Waldorf, Fozzie, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, the Swedish Chef, and then from Sesame Street: Kermit the Frog (as the reporter!), Cookie Monster, Sherlock Hemlock (I have the same birthday as him! :party:), Bert and Ernie, Herry Monster, Telly (upon reflection, I can really appreciate how neurotic he was, hahah), Guy Smiley, and the Count! That's a rough list, but probably the main favorites! :)

As for religious persecutions, hahah, I am so far removed from most organized religions that anything I know is from pop-culture so I don't really know much about anything ^^;

sorry for another old comment!
NotEricMrock Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Anyone who loves Muppet Babies is free to comment as late as they want. Because they too understand the satisfaction of blatant Lucas film parodies, and clips from behind a closet door. The delicate ballet that was the love triangle of Gonzo for Ms. Piggy, Ms. Piggy for Kermit, and kermit for his commitment free bachelorhood. Plus, Nanny had some gams that just wouldn't quit! I mean those stems went ALL the way up!

On a side note, when i was up early one morning i had the misfortune of seeing baby looney tunes, and just knowing that thats what todays generation has to deal with when we had such a grade A Fillet Mignon of infant cartoons had me almost sobbing in my cream of wheat.

Also i want to commend you on your use of emoticons. Its embarrassing to admit that i have emoticon dysfunction and cant seem to get them to work right...So, from all of us with E.D., thanks for makin' it look easy!
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Because they too understand the satisfaction of blatant Lucas film parodies, and clips from behind a closet door.

hahah yes! Truth be told, everything I know about Star Wars, I learned on Muppet Babies. :slow: I'm like, one of the very few people that (up until a few years ago) never even saw the originals in full. ^^;

You summed up the Piggy/Gonzo/Kermit love triangle quite well, especially with Kermit. Look what he's been up to in his adult life! :O [link]
And yes! A lot of my friends have commented on Nanny's legs; I always naively figured that there was a body attached to those legs (and that she looked exactly like Barbara Billingsly), but you know, imagining two giant sized talking legs is just as great :D

I am ashamed to say that, while Baby Looney Tunes is indeed NOWHERE NEAR the brilliance that Muppet Babies was, I can actually watch the show without wanting to kill myself. :noes: (like, on a scale of 1-10, Muppet Babies being a 27, I'd give Baby Looney Tunes a 5 or 6 :/) But I do agree, the stark contrast is a cream of wheat sobbing subject, INDEED. :no:

hahah, I'm glad you enjoyed my usage of emoticons! :D Most of the time I figure they're annoying to people, but I just love making the most of them. :slow: Such as, the happy gay pride ice cream cone!


or, Pringles murder!




The list goes on.

But yes, I've noticed so many commercials about "E.D" on TV, it must be a real problem in society today! :O

hahah :lmao:
NotEricMrock Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
I learned a lot about star wars myself from Muppet babies, although i had seen them before, having glasses makes that a prerequisite, i think when i got my first pair they came with a copy of the trilogy on vhs. And thus my childhood was filled with endless "whoosh, brzzz CRSHH!" light saber sound effects. Although i was thrilled to see Indiana Jones jokes almost weekly on that show! I, too, imagined a body at the top of those gorgeous pillars Nanny called 'legs'. I hadn't watched Leave it to Beaver as a kid, so i was only familiar with Billingsly as the jive talkin' lady in AIRPLANE, and as Wilma Flintstones voice (i think?!) But its DEFINITELY a good choice for a body for her. I probably imagined her to look more like Mary Tyler Moore, but thats just cause i crushed on her so bad as a kid...damn you nick at nite! Its not like many kids in middle school can relate to you when you think Agent 99, Mary Tyler Moore, and I Dream of Jeanie are all super-babes.

I didn't know Kermit was such a horn dog, but hey, why buy the pig, when you can get the milk for free...or something like that. Apparently its a lot easier being green than i thought!...Someday Ms. Piggy will get wasted and have sex with gonzo cause hey, he's there, and willing, and she;ll regret it, and it will confuse him beyond all recognition. He'll think they are an item, she wont remember that it even happened, and Ratzo Rizzo will have videotaped it and sold it on the internet.

While i do indeed hate baby looney tunes, i have a theory about it, i think its so slow and toned down that it is, in fact, to keep kids calm and not running around like maniacs with rubber squeeky hammers and crayons. So in that sense it works, like little bear, which actually was entertaining in a strange calm way...just like i miss that little clay mofo.

That ice cream cone is HERE and QUEER, i am currently adjusting so that i can be used to it...adjusting...almost got it...THERE! Now im used to it, although i feel ambiguous about the prospect of licking it.

NO! not the Pringle's guy! his 'stache is one of a kind! PHEW he's packin' too...probably pulled that mag out of his facial hair holster, not only is that emoticon scared, but he;s green with mustache envy! Its a mexican stand off...or should i say...'stache off'? I've got a million of em!

You'd be surprised how often ED goes untreated. Everything from Blogs, Comments, My space pages, Emails, and even text messages can seem dull and flacid at the lack of humorous faces and semi-colon winks. Its very common amongst the Senior Citizens. I mean most of them cant even use a computer, let alone know that colon capital P means they are sticking their tongue out in a playful manner.
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Man, I wish the stupid DVD people would hurry up and put Muppet Babies out on DVD!! I was so desperate at one point (especially since i fear my old VHS [and even Beta :O] tapes do not have much chance of being watchable anymore :(), I found this dude selling crappy bootlegs online, and I actually bought them!! hahah I think for the 20-30 bucks I paid, I got my money's worth (I got about 20-30 eps in okay-ish quality... the only qualm I had, was that the last disc cut out at one point, and suddenly the EWOKS cartoon cuts in, and then there's like 3 hours of ewoks! hahah It all comes back to Star Wars. :stormtrooper:)
I'm pretty sure Wilma was voiced by someone else, but maybe I'm wrong! :O As for Nick at Nite viewing: YES! I too watched many a classic TV episode as a child. It kinda scares me that the stuff they're showing now, are shows from the 80s and early 90s :noes: (not to say that I don't enjoy many shows from that time period as well) I'm glad TV Land is around. :happycry:

Kermit seems like a genuine gentleman, however, I'm sure when presented with such a situation, he is only human... err, amphibian. (truth be told, I am a weirdo and DEATHLY AFRAID of frogs and other amphibians, but Kermit is A-OK in my book [probably cuz he doesn't look a lot like a real frog. :lmao:])
He'll think they are an item, she wont remember that it even happened, and Ratzo Rizzo will have videotaped it and sold it on the internet.
hahah oh man. I can just picture that. (well, I don't want to picture ALL of it, but the general idea. haha) It's times like this that I wish the Muppet Show was on HBO (or worse yet, Showtime)... and still on the air in the first place. haha

Re: Baby Looney Tunes numbing kids into amused submission, you have a point there! I don't wanna sound all preachy and crap, but I really have noticed a lack in "smart" kids entertainment lately. haha Okay, I'm sure there's some, but I've given up on 80-90% of Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, and a good 40-50% of Cartoon Network :/ it's like that news story said recently, about how Baby Einstein panders to kids SO MUCH it actually makes them dumber and LAZIER :lmao: I fear for the future. BUT, this is not to say that i also don't enjoy some stuff of that nature, like you said, Gumby was good times! Speaking of bootlegs again (man, I buy some pretty crappy stuff apparently. haha), I once purchased a DVD of some Gumby episodes from a dollar store! :D

That's what the gay pride ice cream is there for, to question your gender preference through digital frozen deliciousness.

YES! Thankfully the Pringles guy is a firm believer in the second amendment!... and that is why he frequently wears tank tops and shakes hands with his ursine pals. (wtf :slow:) Someone should definitely create a scene in a movie that involves a stache off! :lmao: Much like Peg Bundy's cleavage was good for holding things, giant facial hair can be as well!! :pringles:

You know, I had no idea how far spread ED was online!! :O It's a good thing there's treatment for such an ailment, lest those senior citizens and other younger folks feel inadequate for not keeping it up--"it" being their ability to stay "hip and cool"! :noes:
NotEricMrock Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
"YES! I too watched many a classic TV episode as a child. It kinda scares me that the stuff they're showing now, are shows from the 80s and early 90s :noes: (not to say that I don't enjoy many shows from that time period as well) I'm glad TV Land is around. "

I know exactly what you mean, the only time i even watch nick at nite now, is when the Cosby show is on, which, and thank whatever god claims to be right this week, was on all week in marathon form! I really dont care much for the majority of the stuff there now though, If im real desperate i;ll watch some roseanne's or full house's but, now they are getting george lopez, and home improvement? What is the world coming may also note that i only capitalized Cosby in the shows, while i did this on accident originally, going back and altering the others to where they seemed to be on the same level as that show by giving them capital letters is just dumb, because they cant hold a candle to those crazy Huxtables! And as far as tv land goes, I'm all for leave it to beaver, Threes Company, the occasional Sanford and Son and Lucy show, but wheres all the hogans heroes, get smarts, dick van dykes, and honeymooners? I saw a commercial saying they were getting extreme makeover home edition...they might be following the nick at nite band wagon and soon we may be more doomed than we thought. So start taping the good stuff and put it in a storm cellar for when the nick-poccolypse happens and you still need your fix of jack trippers bumbling misunderstandings.

That bootleg thing got me once, i bought the first season of the Real Ghostbusters at a convention because i had the itch, and because i always wanted to be a ghostbuster and will forever love that franchise, no matter how many Vigo's they make mediocre villains out of. But man was the quality bad. I was actually looking into this recently though because i wanted to get Dexter's Lab on dvd, and i guess the only way to do that right now is through bootlegs. I probably wont do it because of how bad the GB one was though. Muppet Baby dvds would be tight as hell, i had a theory that they were being held up because of rights to all the parodies they did, but its probably just a lack of demand(its weird how my theories tend to dip into the virtual marketing research and royalty payout/rights ownership departments of the companies who might own them). I picked up a vhs of them at a church rummage sale a few weeks back though. So i have my rainy day fix.

That Ratzo Rizzo is a real pervy entrepreneur, sure he didn't release 'one night in paris' or the tommy lee pam anderson boat video, BUT hes got this really raw Dr. Teeth and janice video, who kinda looks like paris hilton now that i think about it, animal was holding the camera and joins in halfway through...its explicit, but i wouldn't have paid for it if it wasn't! I guess animal doesn't just bang drums in a situation like that, if you catch my meaning ;)

Ahh the mustache, its great in its grossness. All it takes is one to make you look like one of the following
John Waters
Child Molester/creepy uncle
Vaudeville performer
Child Molesting Cowboy
or Hitler sympathizer/Chaplin lover.
I'm sure i missed a few, but I'm just jealous cause my facial hair is awkward and uneven.

+10 points for Peg Bundy's cleavage reference. Well done.

All this talk about ED makes me want to watch that dr teeth video again...Oh Janice, I'm disappointed that you are such a slut, and aroused by your naked felt flesh. I can understand Dr. Teeth, his name is top billing so there will always be that draw, but ANIMAL? i wouldn't let him any where near my bathing suit area if i was you!
alma-chan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006   Digital Artist
hehehe how originall
BusySquirrelPress Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it bad that I laughed hysterically out loud when I saw this? <3
thoseanifanatics Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2005
Very interesting.
Buuya Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004   Digital Artist
Omfg... I adore this XD

Brilliant. Fav worthy ;)
NotEricMrock Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Buuya Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004   Digital Artist
np ;)
ru-debega Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This (and the other pages) are sheer awesome. Holy fuck. Muppet crucifixion. I like the way you think, boy.
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